The Fluoride Myth Busted

by Dr. William Campbell Douglass I.I., M.D. (The the conscience of modern medicine)

Back in the 40s, when fluoride was first added to the water supply, most dentists believed that you had to swallow the stuff in order for it to work. It hadn’t been proven, mind you. But that didn’t stop the government from including it in the chemical cocktail that’s routinely added to your tap water.

A lot has changed since then, though. Now, more than 50 years of research has proven, beyond a doubt, that fluoride is NOT suitable for human consumption. Period. You may also be surprised to learn fluoride is AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED POISON!!

That’s right. For years fluoride was classified as a toxic waste in this country. In fact, not too long ago its only approved uses were as an insecticide and a RAT POISON! Most nations have wisely abandoned fluoridation, realizing that it was a horrible mistake and was responsible for bad health and death in mil- lions of innocent people. Most nations, except, of course, for the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Now, those people who have been exposed to a lifetime of poisoning… er, I mean fluorida- tion… are suffering the consequences. Fluoride poisoning plays a role, in my opinion, in practi- cally every disease that we see. Why? Because fluoride is an enzyme inhibitor, and that means not one single cell in your body escapes its toxic effects.

Is the idea of having healthy teeth really worth risking your life?

Millions of people in America are being forced to ingest a toxin that’s been linked to a whole host of diseases. Take a look:

Immune system alteration—Fluoride causes the immune system to fail to distinguish between the body’s own proteins and disease, which can lead to autoimmune condi- tions, like asthma and Graves’ disease.

Musculoskeletal harm—Fluoride-caused enzyme toxicity damages the collagens and other substances that make up muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and even tooth enamel. Rheumatoid illnesses such as arthritis and osteoporosis are aggravated as a result.

Genetic damage—Fluoride’s enzyme poisoning effects penetrate the body’s chromo- somes, causing permanent genetic changes that can lead to damage to the genitalia, and has even been linked to an increased incidence of birth defects like Down Syndrome.

Cancer—Because fluoride is a mutagen, it can cause the uncontrolled spread of cer- tain types of cells—including cancer. One report from San Francisco in 1950 showed a 400% increase in one type of cancer during the period in which their water supply was initially fluoridated.

Thyroid dysfunction—Fluoride causes damage to the thyroid gland in multiple ways, which can play havoc on your body’s hormonal balance and ultimately lead to hypothy- roidism, an increasingly common condition in most all civilized nations.

As if these things aren’t bad enough, because your body can only eliminate about half the fluo- ride you ingest, this toxin builds up in your system over time. So the older you get, the more likely you are to suffer from fluoride’s toxic effects.

That doesn’t mean it can only harm adults. Plenty of children have had to suffer the conse- quences of fluoridation as well.

Fluoride’s attack on children: Lead poisoning, bone cancer, dental fluorosis, and brain damage

Dr. Roger D. Masters, Research Professor Emeritus at Dartmouth College, and president of the Foundation for Neuroscience & Society, has uncovered a surprising and shocking relationship between fluoride ingestion and lead toxicity. Masters and his group of researchers compared chil- dren’s blood lead levels in communities using fluoride-treated water with communities using non- fluoridated water. In three separate samples, totaling over 400,000 children, fluoride-treated munic- ipal water was ALWAYS significantly associated with increased blood lead levels in children. This is chronic lead poisoning, which can lead to a myriad of other terrible diseases.

Another study found a direct link between fluoride in tap water and bone cancer in young boys. It’s no wonder: About 90 percent of the fluoride that is stored in the body is taken into the bones. One of fluoride’s effects is to stimulate bone growth in the growing ends of the bones, places where a type of bone cancer, called osteosarcoma, occurs, according to Dr. Vyvyan Howard, senior lecturer in toxico-pathology at the University of Liverpool.
Recently, the American Dental Association advised that fluoridated water should not be given to infants because it put them at a high risk of developing dental fluorosis. Dental fluorosis!! In case you’re not familiar with the term, it’s a problem that occurs when excess fluoride intake at a young age (namely six months to five years old) damages developing teeth, leaving these unfortu- nate children with yellow teeth, white spots, or damaged enamel.

But that’s nothing compared to what was published in my favorite medical journal, the Lancet: a study showing that fluoride can damage developing brains!
Fluoride doesn’t prevent cavities!

Here’s the real irony, though: Fluoride may not even be good for your teeth!
In one of the biggest studies ever undertaken on the subject (using data from 39,000 school children in 84 metropolitan areas around the U.S.), there was no statistically significant difference in rates of tooth decay between fluoridated and non-fluoridated water supplies. That’s right: fluoride doesn’t prevent cavities.

Here are a few more stats for you to mull over:

  • New York, findings show that there is no noticeable difference in decay rates between people who drink fluoridated water and those who don’t ( oridation/chart.htm)
  • In Illinois, more than half of the state’s third graders have tooth decay, and that percent- age is even higher in low-income families, where fluoridated tap water is more con- sumed (
  • A study of Detroit’s low-income African American children five years old and younger found that almost 100% of the children exposed to fluoridated water have cavities by age 5 (